A brand new way to find out when you did, and didn’t smash that casting.

One of the biggest pains for an actor today is not knowing when they didn’t get the job, we want to change that, let’s show you how..


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Let’s not complicate it, life in the entertainment industry would be easier if we all read from the same script. Yep.. there’s more metaphors.

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Create a FREE user profile with your own “Role Code” that you can share with anyone, anywhere..

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Arrive at your casting and check in using The Role™ app.

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Your agent can keep you in the loop about any new opportunities and sync calendars.


Make sure your notifications are ON. You will be notified when you get the role.. and when you don’t.

Code of Conduct

“This is a basic dignity at work issue. Whether it be decent notice, minimising recalls or knowing whether it’s a yes/no on an audition these things cost nothing except time and respect. Our campaign is to work with members, producers and casting professionals to make sure this new code of conduct is put into practice.”

Maureen Beattie

Equity President



Testers & Investors

When the time comes, we will need people to talk us through any issues they find with the beta version of the app. If you are an actor or industry pro and want to send us your thoughts or suggestions, please do. Whatever way you want to be involved, let us know.

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We aim to innovate and create the best toolbox you could have as an actor or industry professional. To be inclusive, respectful, transparent and driven towards a more powerful connection between all. The industry is a beautiful place, let’s do this right and do it together.

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